Bear - All time Record

1. Road Kill 22-1/16 2005

The largest black bear in the All-Time category was submitted by Rocky Besek

A tow truck was required to haul this estimated 700-800 lb boar off the road where it met it’s demise. Rocky Besek was following a vehicle that collided with this great bear as it tried to cross the road. The driver of the vehicle was not interested in the bear so Rocky and his friend laid claim to it. They quickly realized that the two of them could not budge the animal so they called Rocky’s dad for help. Rocky’s father and grandfather own a towing company and they came down with a tow truck to load the bear. Though the bear was never weighed properly, Rocky and his friends skinned the bear and brought it to Jakob’s Taxidermy, where at least another 100 lbs of fat was scraped off the hide. The hide stretches 8 feet from nose to tail with the span between the front arms running just shy of that. The hide will be made into a rug and the skull will be cleaned and put in a glass case for display.


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