Nontypical Deer - All time Record

1. Submitted by Harry Jones 234-5/8 1990

Harry Jones was on his way to open the camp in early September when he noticed a few ravens just off in the bush. Not paying much attention to them at first, he finished his chores and then went for a quick scouting of the area. Noticing several very large tracks, his excitement about the upcoming hunt grew stronger.

On his way back he again noticed the ravens and this time decided to check it out. The sight that met his eyes both sickened and amazed him. There was the largest racked deer he had ever seen in his life. The more he looked the more incredible the rack became. The following day a bear claimed and carried off the remainder of the carcass. There were no obvious signs to indicate the cause of death.

The rack is truly a wonder to behold. It has phenomenal mass, good tine length and lots of long points. There are 24 points in total (4 x 4 + 16). The typical portion of the rack is an 8 pointer with a net score of 152-7/8” after 15-5/8” of deductions. The 16 nontypical points including the 18-2/8” second beam total 81 inches. It is a wonder of nature how a deer can grow so much antler in three short months. This is truly a world class deer!


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