Typical Deer - Alltime Record

1. Found Dead 189-7/8 1992

Story by Doug Poirier

It was New Years day and freezing rain. We had planned to hunt until noon and had two spots to cover. We sat our watches until 9:30 a.m then decided to push some bush. Tim Bertrim Mike Buwaka and a guest Ed Kucma got on their watch as I was going to push to them. On my way through I spotted a nice buck. He passed by 15 yards in front of me. I said “good night,” and watched my arrow go right through him. He ran about 60 yards and laid down. I could not finish the run because I did not want to spook him. I circled back to the guys and told them I had one down. Mike said “you lucky son of a B.” The four of us went back to field dress him. It was a 6 point buck. We hauled him to the truck.

It was about 1 p.m; time for one more run. We decided to try the number 2 spot. It was about a half hour run. The guys took their watch at one end and because of the freezing rain I heard one or two deer go out the other end. I thought to myself, “that’s good.” I kept on walking. It was like I was on corn flakes because of the weather. About half way through, I decided to walk up near this field, that’s when I spotted the rack on this buck. He was just laying there on the edge of the field and bush. I was about 50 yards from him and I found it funny that he did not move as I got closer. I knew then he was dead. I looked at him and said “holy cow look at the size of the rack on you. I finished the run hoping that one of the guys got a crack at one. Ed did but missed.

I told them I got the big one. They said “you did.” We went back to where he was and they could not get over the size of him. We rolled him over and found that some ‘no gooder’ shot him with a gun. He had been dead for about 3 days. We left for the last time that year with the buck I shot and the rack I found.

I told a friend of mine, Brian Shannon, I had found a big rack. It was a while before I had the opportunity to show the rack to Brian. He also could not believe the size of it. He told Tim Restoule about the rack. About one year later we met and he said he could not wait to measure it. Brian phoned me one night to tell me that it was scored and he was the number one buck for Ontario. Later Tim and I went to Ottawa to see Richard Poulin and Jack Horner, two official measurers for Boone and Crockett, who then measured the rack. The rack, they told me, is the new Ontario record and I said there is one bigger because I saw him with this one.

Editor’s Note:

The Poirer rack is a wonder to behold. It was on public display for the first time ever at the Canadian 3-D Championship and clinic in Kitchener June of 1995. People would just stand and stare. Few would believe it came from Ontario. All the dimensions are world class. The inside spread is 21-2/8 inches. The right antler is a clean 6 point netting 91-1/8 inches. The left antler has a beauty point of 2-5/8 inches on the basic 6 point frame of 88-0/8 inches. Mass is also excellent totalling 48-5/8 inches. The diameter measurements actually increase as they go out with the last largest diameter of 8-2/8 inches on the fourth circumference on the right antler. Side to side differences totaled 7-7/8 inches. Added up that makes the gross score 200-3/8 inches.

This giant buck roamed the fertile fields of Frontenac County. Yes, a deer like the Poirier rack are what dreams are made of. Ontario continues to be a marvelous place for hunters, let us endeavor to keep it that way.


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