Moose - All time Record

1 & 2. Found Dead 197-2/8 & 191-4/8 1995

The number 1 and number 2 All-Time Moose were submitted by Chris Marion

Chris Marion was working a skidder in a swampy area of south of Lac Seul, in the Kenora District when he nearly backed over the antlers. Chris had almost mistaken them for tree roots but decided to get down from his skidder and check them out. To his astonishment, he found two trophy moose antlers locked together in what must have been an epic battle of dominance. When he removed them from the frozen ground they measured 61-2/8” and 50-0/8” wide.

It is unknown exactly when their intense battle occurred but there was little evidence of the animals skeletons remaining. Chris reported that vegetation around the entire area was flattened and trees four to five inches in diameter were snapped off.

A battle of this kind could have lasted many hours or even days and though one tine of the antlers was embedded about half-an-inch into the skull of the other moose, this may not have been the cause of death. Fights like this often attract the attention of predators and it’s quite likely that it was the predators that were the final demise of these two majestic animals.

And isn’t it ironic that the two largest moose ever found dead in Ontario were found locked together!

This display pictured above is part of the All Canada Show which travels to various cities throughout the United States. We’d like to thank the “All Canada Show” for permission to use the photographs.


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