Instructions for Entering a Trophy

  1. Entry must be made on an official provincial or other recognized score sheet by an accredited measurer. Certified FROW, B&C, and or P&Y measurers are accepted. Complete hunt data is required as outlined on official entry form.
  2. At least one photo suitable for publication is required.
  3. A twenty dollar ($20) registration fee is required for each entry except for shed antlers which are $5 each side.
  4. Only animals taken in Ontario will be accepted. You may submit an entry for an animal taken in any year and the hunter need not be from Ontario.

The minimum scores for entries:

  All Time Modern Firearm Muzzleloader Crossbow Archery
Black Bear 17" 17" 17" 17" 17"
Canada Moose 160" 160" 140" 135" 130"
Typical Whitetail Deer 140" 140" 135" 125" 120"
Non-Typical Whitetail Deer 160" 160" 150" 140" 130"
Typical Deer Shed 60"        
Non-Typical Deer Shed 70"        
Typical Turkey 33" 33" 31" 29" 27"
NonTypical Turkey
(Multiple Beards)
37" 37" 35" 33" 31"

Submit a FROW entry form by mail

  1. Print a FROW Entry Form
  2. Completely Fill in the Form and Sign at the bottom
  3. Have measurer sign the form
  4. Mail the completed entry form along with a completed Scoresheet, applicable entry fee, and a suitable Picture (pictures can also be emailed) to:

      2391 Redmond Rd
      Peterborough, Ontario
      K9J 6X9


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